Kathy Santoni (ninaner) wrote in yosemitenatlprk,
Kathy Santoni

Yosemite n00b

My friends and I are going to Yosemite next weekend and I had a few questions.

1. We are planning on camping at Camp 4. I read on nps.gov that the ranger usually gets there at 8:30am to assign people their sites. Do you think this early in April it would be that busy? If we don't end up getting a spot, I know we can get a camping permit, but where can we camp in the Valley?

2. This is probably a really stupid question, so bear with me. I was looking at yosemitehikes.com and they give a lot of information on what hikes we could go on/where to start etc. My question is, since it's so early in spring some roads are still closed. That just means the car access is closed but the trails are still accessible right?

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