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Highway 120 in the spring?

I'm trying to figure out a route from San Jose, CA to Goldfield, NV and just about every route has me going through Yosemite along highway 120, which I understand to be closed until at least late May - I'm guessing later this year due to all the rain/snow California has had this year. I'd like to avoid going TOO far out of my way, but I can't figure out a decent way around Yosemite. The next best bet seems to be going north to Sonora and taking the Sonora Pass, but that might be closed too. I have trouble believing that there's really no other way around it (hellllooooooo Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!) and I'd like to avoid going all the way to Reno and then coming back down the Nevada/California border, but I'm starting to think that's my best bet. Is anyone aware of a winter/spring route that goes around Yosemite??

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Looks I'll be settling in for a longer ride than expected - thanks so much for all the advice!!
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I just looked it up on a mapquest computer program I have, but it looks like you could take HWY 50 to the 95 and go through Sacremento and Carson, NV (just to give you an idea of where those go), but it looks more out of your way than Yosemite, but I have no idea when that route is open. You could always call the park service, I'm sure there's a phone number somewhere on the website.
I am a Yosemite nerd. No, I used to live there.

120E will definately be closed this year through probably June due to high snows. 120W will be open, which would get you from San Jose to Yosemite Valley, but not east, so that won't help. I don't know which way to go......the idea above sounds good. Check out a CA/NV map I'd say, but definately don't count on 120.

Oh, the park service's website is The road info number is 209-372-0209 (yes, I do have that memorized) but its just a recording....not sure if you can finagle a real person. I never had to.
hey there... i am a park ranger at the south entrance of yosemite. right now they have just started plowing tioga pass (120 east), but it's a long process as you can imagine. they try to have it open by memorial day weekend, but it may not open until june. whenever anyone comes to the entrance station trying to go over tioga our standard answer is to tell them that they have to go back to hwy 99 and either go north to sacramento or south to bakersfield. i know, it sucks :(

oh, and the road info line is (209)372-0200 (i think the above commenter must have made a typo).
Hot dog! This is exactly what I wanted to know - from someone who knows! Awesome, thanks.

And hey fellow Burner!
when are you going on your trip? if you want you can email me right before you go and i can give you the up to date info :) my email is
That would be great, thanks! I'm heading out on May 25th.
108 out of Sonora will be closed about as long. Your best bet is Hwy 88 out of Jackson.

Be sure to check out the hot springs over there too -- if you're in to that kind of thing.