Ardaliz (ardaliz) wrote in yosemitenatlprk,

Highway 120 in the spring?

I'm trying to figure out a route from San Jose, CA to Goldfield, NV and just about every route has me going through Yosemite along highway 120, which I understand to be closed until at least late May - I'm guessing later this year due to all the rain/snow California has had this year. I'd like to avoid going TOO far out of my way, but I can't figure out a decent way around Yosemite. The next best bet seems to be going north to Sonora and taking the Sonora Pass, but that might be closed too. I have trouble believing that there's really no other way around it (hellllooooooo Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!) and I'd like to avoid going all the way to Reno and then coming back down the Nevada/California border, but I'm starting to think that's my best bet. Is anyone aware of a winter/spring route that goes around Yosemite??

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Looks I'll be settling in for a longer ride than expected - thanks so much for all the advice!!
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